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PGP signing in Exmh locks X

When I try to PGP-sign a message before sending it in Exmh, everything
under X (exmh, fvwm2) completely locks up until I switch to another
terminal and kill the xterm that's trying to run PGP. The xterm with
PGP never actually gets displayed, and I can't do _anything_ in X.

This is not a problem of PGP using all CPU. It looks as though my
session locks when it tries to start the xterm with PGP, and PGP never
actually gets started. Doing a ps in another terminal shows all of my
processes under X in state S (idle more than 20 seconds).

The PGP options when reading email (extract keys, verify signatures)
work fine. Very handy.

I haven't tried any of the options when sending except the "PGP/MIME
sign clear" and "application/pgp sign clear" options. Both of those
options produce the problem.

How can I fix this? It seems strange that it would lock my whole X
session. Any help would be appreciated.


exmh         1.6.9-4
mh           6.8.4-10
pgp-i        2.6.3-2
fvwm2        2.0.45-BETA-1
fvwm-common  2.0.45-BETA-1
xbase        3.2-3
libc5        5.4.23-2

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