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Re: Problems working with bash.

>>>>> Pete Harlan writes:

  Kai> ,-----
  Kai> | M-p: history-search-backward
  Kai> | M-n: history-search-forward
  Kai> `-----

  Pete> In bash it's ^R for reverse, and ^S for forward search, just
  Pete> like in emacs.  Perhaps if you select vi rules for bash it
  Pete> will use whatever horror vi uses for searching.

This is useful but not the same as M-p and M-n in tcsh, which is why I
bound them to keys.  If you type, say, "g" then M-p repeatedly you get
all command lines that begin with "g".  I use this *all* the time, as
an alternative to "!g" because it lets me see if I got the right
command line before I hit Enter.

Just for the record: I am *not* a vi user and would not want to be
associated with advocates of such an editor.  So there!

I wish my mouth had a backso^Hpace key.

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