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Re: gcc

On Mon, 24 Mar 1997, Seth Reinosa wrote:

> I have looked but have not seemed to find in the man gcc page how to
> extract data from a document into a program.
> Please help.
What do you mean?
If you mean 
	1) To read data from a file. 
		Then you need to buy a simple C book
		and learn about 'fopen()' and file pointers. 
	2) To scan a document. Then you need to buy a C book too. 
		The gcc man pages do not teach how to program in C. They
		assume you already know C and give you more options.

If you are in school it should be easy to find someone who knows C and who
can help you with your problem. Gcc is like any C compiler. There are no
special commands you have to know in general.

D.J. Mashao,                         mashaodj@sunserver.engin.brown.edu, 

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