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multi-volume backups with taper?

Has anyone been successful using taper to backup to multiple tapes?  If so,
what is the secret? :-)  I can't get passed the first tape.

I'm trying to do a full backup of my system.  My floppy tape drive is a Iomega
Ditto drive (QIC-80).  I am using it with zftape (v1.06) instead of ftape
driver.  taper works fine until it gets to the end of the first tape.  It then
aborts with a write error and dies.

The odd thing is when I try a test restore with the same tape, taper asks for
the next tape when it reaches the end.

Right now, I'm forced to do full backups in pieces, i.e. couple of directories
at a time.  This is wasteful of both time and tape. 

Any help would be most welcome.  TIA!

Bob Billson, KC2WZ				 email: kc2wz@intercall.net
         MS-DOS, you can't live with it.  You can live without it.      
                  Linux: the choice of a GNU generation!

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