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Re: Slirp

On Thu, 20 Mar 1997, Pete Poff wrote:

> Hi,
>      I've gotten and compiled slirp.  It works, I guess.  For me to 
> access my slip account I have to dail into a place called Socket and it 
> give me a slip account.  Will slirp dail into Socket?  Also after I've 
> opened out do I get it to run in the back ground?

Why do you think you would need slirp?? Slirp is needed when you have a
shell account and you want to emulate the SLIP connection, AFAIK.  It is
not needed when your provider provides you the SLIP connection.  Try dip.
It is included in netbase.  As for putting it into the background... if
you need it to be in the background from the start then just add "&"
without the quotes to the commandline, and if you need to put into the
background later, after you do something manually, then type ctrl-Z to put
the program that is in the foreground to the background.   

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