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Re: Chmodding a whole directory tree

On Wed, 19 Mar 1997 23:00:18 PST Thought (krowan@eecs.wsu.edu) wrote:

> How do I make a whole directory tree and it's files readable by everyone?
> I can't just chmod -R a+r dir because then they won't be able to cd to the
> directories, but I can't chmod -R a+rx dir because then all the files will
> be executable...  Is there a way to make the directories +x without making
> all the files +x?  Or better yet is there a way to copy the owner's
> permissions to the group and other's permissions?  Thanks

	find <dir> -type d | xargs chmod a+rx
	chmod -R a+rX <dir>
	(this will make all files and directories readable, and inodes
	with an existing execute permission executable)


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