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Re: yaq (yet another question)

> i still can't mount remote file systems, but i think that is because the
> fle system isn't being exported to me and it will be a while before he
> (the sysadmin) can make that change
Depending on the type of use of the file system (e.g. for software), 
maybe it is already exported (readonly) to the whole domain.
To check it, you can log into the machine which owns the file
system you want, and use the command "showmount -e", and that will
show you which file systems are exported and to which machines.
The location of this command varies from system to system
(e.g. /usr/sbin, /usr/etc), but many machines have the command
whereis ("whereis showmount") that will let you know the complete
path of the command.

The file system you want, as I recall, is a user file system, 
and in this case the system administrator might be reluctant to
export the file system to you. Why ?? -- I don't know how to map
users and uid numbers between different unix machines. But
to the extent that I know, without mapping, the same person
will have to have the same uid (login name will not matter)
in the two machines. Otherwise you won't be able to write in
the area that should belong to you, and you *will* be able to
write in somebody else's area, if in your machine you have the
same uid as some other person in the machine exporting the file
system to your machine!

Therefore the sysadmin from the other machine might be
reluctant to export his machine's file system to you!
In my institution we decided not to export big machine's
file system to any linux machine, unless the owner of the
linux machine gives up the privilege of becoming root!
We also normalized uids among users (we don't do mapping): 
each user has one only uid that should be used in any account
he has in all machines of the institution.

Some machines can export the parent directory simultaneously
to subdirectories of the same parent directory (e.g., /users to
machine1 and /users/<user> to machine2. If this is the case
in the machine you want to get the file systems, than the sysadmin
will probably not have restrictions to exporting only the
directory which belongs to you.

Sorry I only talked about a past subject...

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