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Adaptec 2940UW/debian rescue kernel replacement

As Bruce Perens pointed out, rescue is indeed mountable as
msdos fs, and replacement of the kernel is straightforward.
Somehow I managed to overlook that fact in all the docs.

Anyway, I got the base install done. For anybody having
trouble with Adaptec boards, too: I used 1.3.88 (no
particular preference, has just been at hand). Usually,
2.0.0 works fine, but I haven´t (yet) succeeded in getting
it to run from a debian rescue disk. Somebody else posted
about Kernel panic related to VFS ramdisk mount failure,
same happened to me. Another point: rdev.sh does not sync,
so be sure to do it manually prior to removing the disk.
I had no problem with /dev/ram and /dev/ram0, as someone

Thanks to the helpful replies,



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