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Printing problem-Canon BJ10e


I've read the manuals, and the how-to's, and the documentation.  And I
can't figure this one out.  

I have a Canon BJ10e printer.  I'm using the magicfilter that came from the
Debian distribution (everything else is Debian too).  I used
magicfilterconfig to create the printcap file.  Previous to this I tried
with Slackware, and just to be sure, I 've even tried two different PCs. 
No matter what I do, when I print something I get 64 lines on the page, two
on the carriage, and then it continues printing on the next page.  But the
two lines on the carriage never make it onto paper.

I've got ":pl#60:" in my printcap, but it seems to have no effect on the
number of lines actually printed on the page.  Any ideas?

Thanks for your help,

Robb Ludwig

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