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Re: zsh vs bash

I set my system shell to zsh as well, and replaced all the /bin/bash in
/etc/passwd to /usr/bin/zsh, but when I tried to move /bin/sh to point to
/usr/bin/zsh, all of the /etc/init.d/* scripts blew up.  Most of their
scripting is done in bash format, so unless you want to either make zsh
bash-compatible before running the scripts, or you want to rewrite every
script made for bash, I'd just leave /bin/sh pointing to /usr/bin/bash (I
moved my /bin/bash to /usr/bin/bash just for consistancy...)

Just a newbie's opinion :)

On 12 Mar 1997, Tomislav Vujec wrote:

> jwl@atlanta.cray.com (James W. Lynch) writes:
> > This subject brings up a question I've had for a long time.  Bash appears
> > to be the shell that I get when I log in as root or do an su command.
> > I'm from the old school and prefer vi editing of commands, but I have
> > yet to be able to make bash use vi as root.  I've set EDITOR and FCEDIT.
> > I've set editing-mode vi.  I can't seem to get root to use anything
> > but emacs editing mode.  Is this a diabolical plot by the Linux developers
> > to force emacs on the world? 8^)
> > 
> > Bash works as expected, described and designed when I'm a normal
> > user.
> > 
> > Can I do it? How?
> I use vi as a root, and vi editing mode, but in zsh. Yes my root shell
> is zsh. Now days when zsh runs autoconf configure scripts I am even
> thinking to put it for /bin/sh instead of bash... heard that zsh
> developers do that.
> P.S. As a normal user I use xemacs, but of course in viper mode :-)
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