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Re: Locate


On 08-Mar-97 Heikki Vatiainen wrote:
>If you check /etc/crontab you'll notice that there's a line that does 
>something like 'run-parts /etc/cron.daily'. /etc/cron.daily has among others a 
>file called 'find' that includes the commands to update the locatedb.
>Like the name implies, files in /etc/cron.daily are run once a day, in my case 
>at 6:42 am. Cron, crontab, updatedb, run-parts etc. have all manpages that 
>have more info about them.
>If you want your locatedb updated now, just run /etc/cron.daily/find as root 
>and wait a little. I guess your locate database was never initially built.

Shouldn't this be automagically done when base is installed? I seems to get same


>Pete Poff wrote:
>> like locate <what ever>.  Like locate new.stuff.  I get locate: 
>> /var/lib/locate/locatedb: No suck file or directory.  Can anyone tell 
>> why?  And is there a command to see how much disk space I have left?

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