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Re: Perl/io/dpkg-ftp and start-stop-daemon (again(again)).

oz@scorch.u-net.com (Brian Skreeg) writes:

> 	Due to the ridiuclous dependancies involving Perl,io,libnet and
> dpkg-ftp I now find dpkg-ftp broken.

io was merged into perl and is now obsolete.  Remove io and reinstall

> bash: /usr/sbin/start-stop-daemon: No such file or directory.
> This is odd since it's finding the correct program and the path for it but
> is saying it can't find it. Spook! I've looksed in /usr/sbin and
> start-stop-daemon is definitly in there.

This actually means that bash couldn't find the interpreter -
/usr/bin/perl.  Did you remove perl completely?  That would be bad.


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