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Re: XFree 3.2A package?

This has been hashed through a few times.  There is not, has never
been, and probably will never be an official Debian package based on
the XFree Beta releases, since they do not provide source for the
betas.  Your best bet is to get just the server tgz that you need from
the XFree ftp site, untar it, and put the server binary in
/usr/local/bin. Then, just edit /etc/X11/Xserver, and make the first
line point to the X server binary in /usr/local/bin.  The new server
will work just fine with the old binaries, and there's not really a
whole lot of urgency to get the rest of the beta stuff unless you
really need the lbx or Xremote extensions (And even then, most of it
is in the servers).


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