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 i just tried 2 boot up my debian linux partition and i got this.
 first of all it begins 2 load the first half of the kernel and then i
get this error no matter if i boot from a floppy ar from my hard
 Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer defernce at virtual address
 current->tss.cr3 = 00101000, %cr3=00101000
 Oops: 0000
 CPU: 0
 EIP: 2048: [<0000C68d>]
 EFLAGS: 00010046
 eax: 0000530 ebx:000001ff ecx:000080ff edx:0000ffff
 esi:00009fdc edi:00000000 ebp:0000040a esp:00009f20
 ds:2050 es:0000 fs:0000 gs:0000 ss:0018
 Process swapper(PID:1, process n:1, stackpage=00009000)
 stack: 0000c595, 00010000, 530....."and lot's of #'s"
 Call Trace: [<001732af>] [<00110018>] ....and more #'s
 Code: a0 e0 00 c3 e1 00 c3 a1 e2 00
       c3 00 c8 02 00 00 57 56 33
 Started kswapd v
 and then it freezes and nothing happens after that?   is there any way 
 can salvage this? maybe if i set up a linux partition on a separate
hard drive do u think i'll b able to access this one?  thank u
                                 dOn Guelich

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