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Solved: Gateway Solo 2100 Hanging

Tres Hofmeister writes:
: I've just installed 1.2.7 on a Gateway Solo 2100 laptop.
: Unfortunately, some time after installing 2.0.29 and
: pcmcia-source_2.9.1-1 and building a kernel with PCMCIA support
: and support for the nice things one likes on a laptop (APM, etc.),
: it randomly hangs in the first few minutes after booting.  Ouch.

	It looks like the answer is to disable the following Advanced
Power Management options in the kernel:


	Heck.  I've learned a few things about troubleshooting the
boot process whilst loading Linux on laptops lately, anyway!  Thanks...

Tres Hofmeister                       Research Applications Program
tres@ncar.ucar.edu         National Center for Atmospheric Research

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