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Rescue kernel hangs after probing sjcd

I'm new to Debian, new to mailing lists, but not to Unix or Linux.

I'm sorry if this has already been discussed, but I can't seem to get
archives for this list. My problem is not in the "kernel" section of the bug
reports by package, nor can I find it on verisim.

I have a Slackware distribution running, and a RedHat distribution running.
The RedHat and the Debian come from the December 96 Infomagic 6-CD set.
I have an sbpcd=0x300,LaserMate cd-rom.

While booting the 1.44MB diskette called "rescue", I get the help screens
and all that. Whatever arguments I give to the bootloader, the kernel probes
all imaginable cd-roms (which is nice) but hangs after failing to find the
sjcd cd-rom (which is not nice). Once I left it for 10 minutes. The last
line I think belongs to the next driver probed, it is the "MD driver".

In the help screens for the hardware, there is no space between the sjcd
line and the sbpcd line :-( (It seems the drives are probed in the sequence
the appear on the help screen.)

I tried md=none, mdcd=none, hd[abcd]=none on the pattern of hda=none, but it
doesn't help (didn't expect it to).

As you'll have guessed I'm SCSI-only. My machine is an AMD 486DX4-120,
unmarked PCI motherboard, 32Mo RAM, Adaptec PowerDomain 2940UW, Kelvin
Orchid ISA card. I've disabled all the shadow RAM. The extension cards are a
14.400 3X ISA modem on ttyS1 (COM2 disabled in the BIOS), and a Sound Galaxy
Pro on IRQ7 which I haven't bothered to configure just yet.

Everything worked out of the box with the RedHat AIC7xxx diskettes. :-(

I suppose I have to protect some I/O adresses, but which?
(Oh... look at the doc for the md cd-rom driver... too late, here goes...)

Thank you for your help!

include <std_disclaim.h>                  Lorens KOCKUM ( kockum@efrei.fr )

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