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Re: Running lilo from recue disk. (was NT and Microsoft can go to ...)

>Does anybody know how to run lilo once you've executed a shell from the
>rescue disk? Basically I'm having a problem because / is the /ramdisk0
>and not my harddrive. I think I need to rerun Lilo. However, the error
>I'm getting, Thanks to NT, is 

>Kernel Panic: VFS: Unable to mount root on 08:13

You should be able to run lilo from the dinstall menus.

Running it from the rescue shell is kinda tricky because you root which is
normally / is now /target. Thus your kernel image /vmlinuz is
/target/vmlinuz, your /etc/lilo.conf is at /target/etc//lilo.conf etc. etc.

What you can do is dd your /target/vmlinuz onto a floppy, make sure your
root is set on it correctly with rdev and then boot your system on it. Then
all your directories have their real paths and running lilo will be as

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