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Re: poppassd_1.2-4_i386.deb bug?

At 10:53 AM 2/24/97 -0400, Eloy A. Paris wrote:
>To get poppassd working under Debian 1.2, I had to change the P2 string in
>line 184 of poppassd.c from:
>"enter new password: "
>"changing password for *\nenter new password: "
>This fixes the problem of getting the poppassd program hung while waiting
>for passwd to finish execution.
>Are you the right person to report this or a need to got to someone else? I
>think a new version is needed to solve this since the package does not work
>out of the box.
>Finally, there are problems when the user types an invalid password (less
>than 6 chars. or without both numbers and letters). To solve this I execute
>the passwd command with the -o option, to force any password typed to be
>valid. I do not know how to fix poppassd to work without doing this. The
>problem seems to be that the passwd program is too picky and behaves very
>interactively (too much, I would say.)

Please submit this as a bug to our bug tracking system.  I just installed
the package and I can't change the password with Eudora either.  It times
out waiting for the server to respond.



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