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problem with assert.h

I'm using Debian 1.2, libc 5.4.20-1, gcc, libg++

Whenever I try a make depend with the Makefile below, it stops with the
following error message:

chrism@wraith:7 >make depend
makedepend test.cpp basechr.cpp baseitem.cpp dice.cpp bchrtem.cpp
basearm.cpp display.cpp pcchar.cpp invntry.cpp -I/usr/lib/g++-include \
"basechr.cpp":108:  (!defined (__GNUC__) || __GNUC__ < 2 || __GNUC_MINOR__
< (defined (__cplusplus) ? 6 : 4))
                         ^--- expecting )

It doesn't do this if I comment "#include <assert.h>" out.

Is this a known problem with the assert.h header file?

Please Cc: me via email, I have not subscribed to the list yet.

Thanks, Chris.

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