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Not a problem and not too shabby

To all debians:

I have just finished installing by version of Linux 2.0.6 on my system.
I has taken me a little over a week to figure it all out however I think 
it was worth it. Came close to tossing the thing a couple of times but, 
live and learn !!!

I would like to say that this Linux stuff is not bad at all. I've been doing
UNIX for some 15 years now, heard of Linux but never took it seriously.
Boy have I made a mistake.

I tip my hat to the people (political correctness ) who have built this system
over the years. Even with it bugs, I'll currently place Linux equal to, if not
better that HP/UX, DEC UNIX, irix from both a performance and functionality
point of view. Right now I have a dual CPU 686 out performing a 250 MHz AXP.

Next step ALPHA 3000.


Very impressed

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