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Trouble with dselect (packages ignored)


I have had two problems with dselect v.1.4.8 for a couple of months now and
I am at my wits end. 

1) After I upgraded to 1.2, I have had a problem with packages that I select and
dselect silently ignores them. The three files that I have found are
'menu', 'macutils', 'gv-3d'. The last one, gv-3d, didn't work but gv did.
Is this a problem with my database or is this a problem with the server

2) After I have selected the packages that I want and I have downloaded
them, dselect looks for old/corrupt files. In that list, I find two
packages (actually, one package from different releases) that I had tried
to install but later purged them. Later, when the packages are actually
being installed, I see them again with the message "Skipping previously
deselected package: gnuchess-book". After the installation, it deletes
installed package files, but it skips the two gnuchess-book packages. The
two files are in /frozen/<stuff I don't remember> and
/Debian-1.2-fixed/<stuff I don't remember>. Can I just delete them manually
without running either dselect or dpkg, or do I have to figure out how to
get rid of them with either program?

Thanks for listening.

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