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Writing to a boot floppy.

I recompiled my kernel today (without any major problems) to 2.027,
however, I can't seem to figure out how to create a new boot floppy.  I have
tried:  cp vmlinux /dev/fd0 to a DOS-formatted disk, but when I tried to reboot
my computer, it didn't work.  

I assume that I am missing or forgetting something, but the books that I have
and the FAQS and HOWTO's I have read have very little information on this.
They tend to deal more with LILO, as opposed to booting off of a floppy.

I may not be even understanding the purpose of the boot floppy correctly, 
as I am somewhat of a newbie to LINUX, do I need to alter my boot floopy
when I recompile the kernel? or change the kernel for that matter?

Thanks a lot,


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