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Unable to compile with Debian 1.2.2 distribution

Debian Users,

When I originally installed Debian 1.2.2 on two machines at work and two
machines at home, I was able to compile anything, but then I updated 
libc5 and libc5-dev to the latest stable release.  After that I was 
unable to compile anything on the machines I updated.  I really do not
want to reinstall from scratch to achieve a functional compilation env.

Could someone please tell me which packages I need to install to regain 
a functional compile env.  The errors are comping primarily from undefined
symbols in some of the header files in /usr/include.


Jerry Champlin		Sys Admin/Consultant	ESP Software Services
Lawson Services Group	Minnespolis, MN 55416   888-843-7700 x709

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