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Re: Mount and cdrom

Sorry to be so dense: Patrick was right and mtab was different to

On this machine, /dev/cdrom is soft linked to /dev/sbpcd to please some
programs which prefer it that way.

/etc/fstab had 

/dev/sbpcd /cdrom	iso9660	ro,noauto,user 0 0

and /etc/mtab had

/dev/cdrom /cdrom	iso9660 ro,noauto,user 0 0

One change so that they both read the same has solved it.  Strange: I
thought that a soft link made the devices effectively equivalent.  Mount
obviously thinks so, umount doesn't.

On Wed, 19 Feb 1997, Patrick Ryan wrote:

> Andy,
> 	What does mtab look like?

Thanks for help,


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