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Re: Weird! My network turns itself off on bootup! Why?

On Mon, 17 Feb 1997, trio wrote:

> > > Any idea what i'd need? Right now, mine says:
> > >
> > > #auto
> > > 3c509
> > > sg
> > Try removing the '#' from the '#hash' line. See if that makes any
> > difference.
>    What #hash line?

oops.  sorry, i meant '#auto'

>    Well, despite the fact that i'm getting duplicates of all the e-mail 
> to the debian-users list, you may not have seen the one that says i 
> "fixed" this. It only happens when booting. I created an S14network which 
> restarted things, but then it was still turned off. So someone else 
> proposed it and i changed it to S98network and now the timing works. The 
> network comes up (as noted by a ping from another machine), then it goes 
> down and then the S98 kicks in and it stays up.

glad you got it working...


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