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Re: no NFS mounts from other hosts (!)

[Jerry, allow me to send a copy to debian-user.]

> mount -t nfs -o mountport=824 server:/world /world
> where 824 is the tcp proto port for mountd on the server.

 Now, it works - THANKS!
 The problem apparenlty is with the portmapper in netbase_2.06-1 in
 bo (unstable).  HostA (was called "server" in my previous posting) uses
 both versions of mountd, ver. 1 and mountd ver. 2, and has no problems
 mounting from itself or from host B.

 Host B , the "client", uses mountd ver 1, and only mounts from
 itself. To mount from HostA, as you advised me, it needs the "-o mountport"
 option. Host uses netbase_2.06-1 (stable), whose corresponding netstd
 package provides only one version of mountd.
 I will wait 12 hours for any comments, then I will report a bug on the
 portmapper of the unstable netbase package.

Ioannis Tambouras 
ioannis@flinet.com, West Palm Beach, Florida
Signed pgp-key on key server. 

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