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XFree for S3 86c765?

Hi all,

I have a friend who wants to get Linux and X going on his fairly shiny new PC.
 He has installed Slackware but run into trouble with his  video card. In
between keystrokes on my PhD thesis (some non-trivial fraction of which is
being written in latex on my little Debian notebook) I think I have him
convinced to switch to Debian, especially if it looks more probable that he
will be able to get X up and running.

He claims to have a video card that is driven by an S3 86c765.  I poked around
XFree and cannot find any mention of this chip.  So, what are the odds it looks
like some other S3?  or would that be an S3V?  Any suggestions?

Thanks, in advance, for any suggestions.

Jeff Gunter

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