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Re: pppd and ethernet error (dialup)

> Feb 18 20:46:37 uk pppd[1065]: Connect: ppp0 <--> /dev/ttyS1
> Feb 18 20:46:41 uk pppd[1065]: local IP address
> Feb 18 20:46:41 uk pppd[1065]: remote IP address
> Feb 18 20:46:41 uk pppd[1065]: ppp not replacing existing default route to eth0[]
> So the connection establishes ok, it something to do with internal network 
> running on on eth0.  Has anybody got any ideas how i can get around 
> this or fix it ?
Yes, it does have something to do with your internal network.  Since you
probably already have a route in the routing table, ppp won't add a new one.
Try doing this after ppp is up and running:
	route add default gw metric 1

This should make net trafic go over ppp by default, but your local net should
(hopefully) still work.

> Feb 18 20:46:41 uk pppd[1065]: Cannot determine ethernet address for proxy ARP
Sorry, don't know anything about that error....

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