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Re: MUA that allows you to browse mail on a pop mail server?

Hi Robert, You wrote:
 Robert> I know Netscape can leave the mail there if necessary but
 Robert> what I'd like ... in the abscence of IMAP support is the
 Robert> ability to simply look at mail and remotely choose to read or
 Robert> delete the mail. If I read the mail I don't want to bring the
 Robert> _whole_ mailbox down ala Netscape.
 Robert> Something very Like PopOver under NeXTSTEP would be nice.
 Robert> Although I'd prefer the program had it's own reader rather
 Robert> than relying on Mail.app
 Robert> Not having used IMAP is that how IMAP support works in
 Robert> Netscape?

Sounds like pine.


Boris D. Beletsky                          borik@isracom.co.il
Hebrew University                             borik@debian.org
Jerusalem, Israel                        phone: +972 2 6411880

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