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Re: Where to point dselect for Iconnect CD ?

On 15-Feb-97 Philippe Troin wrote:
>>On Sat, 15 Feb 1997 15:08:39 EST Stan Brown (stanb@netcom.com) wrote:
>> 	Just finally got my shiny new Iconnect CD. Now I'm ready to upgrade.
>> 	Qell not exactly. dselect doesn't sem to like anything that I tell it.
>> 	My CD is /dev/hdc, mounted on /cdrom. What am I supposed to tell
>> 	dselect when it prompts for "distribtion Top Level" ? 
>Try just `.' or `Debian-1.2'. Note that the CD has to be unmounted 
>when you start dselect (dselect mounts it somewhere under 

I have gotten IConnect CD's to work when mounted.  I then point dselect to the
top of the CD filesystem (in the case under consideration, /cdrom).


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