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Re: package compilation


	Thank you for the report, this is a real bug in kernel-package
 version 3.16: vi has, for some obscure reason, started to expand info
 to information and so on spontaneously. I generally catch it at it,
 but this time it snuck up and changed Feb to February in the
 changelog, causing dpkg-gencontrol to choke (and rightly so). A new
 version of kernel-package (edited with the one true editor) is being
 uploaded to Master.

	I do test make-kpkg, (I'm building a a new kernel with the
 3.17 versions before shipping it off to to Master, but last
 time I was just twealing check-if-we're-kernel-sources in
 debian.rules, which shouldn't have broken anything (yeah, I know,
 famous last words ...)

Manoj Srivastava               <url:mailto:srivasta@acm.org>
Mobile, Alabama USA            <url:http://www.datasync.com/%7Esrivasta/>

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