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Re: diald problems. argh.

> > My /etc/diald/diald.options file says
> > "connect "/etc/ppp/startppp-diald"", and that file says
> > 
> > "pppd connect "chat -f /etc/ppp/chatscript""
> > 
> > which contains my chatscript, and works fine. (I've been dialing
> > for the past few months by running pppd manually.)
> You're starting pppd yourself in the connect script while diald expects
to start pppd itself. The connect script should just execute the `chat'
> Re-read the diald manpage and look in the mail archives, I've already
explained that one week ago.

Yes, Phil - that explanation was to me.  Thanks very much.  I've got
everything working successfully now - and it's great!

However, I just didn't find this obviously stated in the manpages....  I
haven't gone back to actually see if I could find this point mentioned, but
if others are having this same problem, I don't feel so bad.... <grin>

Should we (or I) talk to someone and get the docs edited slightly and add a
", let me repeat, *** YOU DON'T NEED TO START pppd FROM YOUR DIALD CHAT
COMPLETES. ***" This or something similar would make things a little more

I know the reason I ran into the problem (and probably why Hamish did too)
was that the FAQ, HOWTO, doc, or whatever, had a step-by-step procedure on
getting the dialup connection going.  The first stage was to get a working
ppp connection which takes you through getting a chat script going, etc. 
Then, once that's done, it moves into discussing how to configure Diald. 
It wasn't clearly stated that you couldn't use the same scripts for Diald
that you could for pppd which was the natural assumption I made....

My $0.02....

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