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Re: What's the ALT-F4 stuff?

According to Todd Graham Lewis:
> On Sat, 18 Jan 1997, Robert Nicholson wrote:
> > Exactly what is this multi screen session concept that allows you
> > to type ALT-F4 and login again... I'd like to read the documentation on
> > this feature.
> 8^)
> This is one of many undocumented goodies which lie scattered throughout
> the Linux universe, waiting for you to stumble across them.
> It's called "virtual consoles", and alt-f[0-6] is the default .....

Actually, Virtual consoles are (well) documented, along with other
Linux features in the vast array of linux-documentation-project and
HOWTO's available at you local linux mirror, i.e., see section 3.2.3
Virtual consoles in "Linux Installation and Getting Started" by Matt
Welsh.  One of the Great feature of Linux over several other "free" unix 
os's is its extensive documentation.  Please RT(very Fine)M.

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