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Re: lp1 out of paper

>>>>> "Alain" == Alain Nadeau <nadeau@cybernetic.ch> writes:

    Alain> I know my printer is out of paper. Its also out of
    Alain> electricity, being that it's in a cupboard in the
    Alain> basement. Still, the above message is sent to
    Alain> /var/log/messages every 10 seconds, day in day out. I've
    Alain> recompiled my kernel (2.0.27) specifically disabling
    Alain> printer support, but that message is still spewed out every
    Alain> ten seconds. I cannot for the life of me find where that
    Alain> call is made. Could a kind soul tell me how to disable
    Alain> printer support for good (I do my printout stuff on the
    Alain> nice Laserjet at the office...).

I had this same problem.  It was extremely irritating.  I even tried
putting paper in the printer ;-) to no avail.  I finally discovered
that there was a long-dead print job on the queue.  When I 'lprm'd it,
the messages stopped.

Nathan L. Cutler
Linux Enthusiast

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