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What's the ALT-F4 stuff?

>>>>> "Robert" == Robert Nicholson <robert@elastica.com> writes:

    Robert> Exactly what is this multi screen session concept that
    Robert> allows you to type ALT-F4 and login again... I'd like to
    Robert> read the documentation on this feature.

 It's virtual consoles!  Since Linux is multiuser, you can login more
than once.  And using the 'gpm' (General Purpose Mouse) program, you
can even copy and paste text between VC's. (man gpm, man gpm-root)
'gpm-root' gives you pop-up menus on the text console, which will let
you flip over to other VC's higher than the number of function keys
you have.

 The virtual consoles are defined in '/etc/inittab', and the 'getty's
and 'login's are run by 'init'. (man inittab, man getty, man init).

 You can press ALT-F1 through ALT-Fx (look in your inittab to see how
many VC's are currently defined.  Linux can support up to 64 of them,
once the proper device special files are created for them.)  Left-Alt
Left/Right arrow will cycle through the VC's as well.

 I've not a memorized list of the docs you should read; but this
should get you started.  (I assume you've already discovered the 'man'
command?  man man, man bash, help)

Karl M. Hegbloom <karlheg@inetarena.com>

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