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Re:home directory

As a brand new linux/debian user (with help from this list) I have
installed debian from downloaded disks and used the 12-96 InfoMagic disk
set to dselect packages.  I have configured and compiled the kernel (I
think/hope).  Now when I boot I get a message " no directory /home/(my
account name).  Logging with home ="/".  When I look in /home there is no
diectory for my account name although there was before the recompile
effort.  When I try to mkdir home/(my account name) I get a "mkdir : cannot
make directory 'home/(my account name)'  : Read only file system".  I have
tried both as root and in my account.  I can create a file in my account
name in the "/" directory.  When I ls -l /home the result is "total 0". 

TIA and aloha.

Gary (gifford@maui.com)

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