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Re: Documentation (Was: Re: [1.2 installation]: how to tell X to ...)


On Tue, 14 Jan 1997, Daniel S. Barclay wrote:

> However, how are users supposed to find out about those things?
> (Not to say your suggestion is bad, but to address how to make that
> information easier to find.)

What about a "Tip of the day" package in place of fortune
(just kidding ;)

> Several comments / suggestions / questions / other ramblings, some directly
> on this, and some on documentation more generally:
> 1.  I wish more old things pointed to new things (new things that replace or
> 	just enhance them), especially in manual pages (or wherever we think
> 	users usually look for definitive documentation).
> 	(You can find out you're doing things the wrong way or an old way
> 	by mentioning it on a mailing list, but that knowledge (from people
> 	who know about newer things) doesn't get captured in the written 
> 	documentation as much as it might.)

That's why Archive Mailing List are for. Did you suggest we should packed 
it for local use and search?

> 	I know a new package can't modify an existing manual page 
> 	(especially when you haven't even loaded the package on your system 
> 	yet), but...
> 2.  ...maybe creators and maintainers of new packages could ask maintainers 
> 	(at least of documentation) of older packages to add links to the 
> 	manual pages (etc.)

I didn't undrestand your point here.

> 3.  Keep in mind that it's hard to keep up with constantly-changing
> 	documentation.  That is, a new user probably would read all
> 	the HOWTOs, README files, etc., to get started, but after that,
> 	it's impossible to re-read everything just to find the changes.
> 	I would think that direct-lookup on-line documentation like manual 
> 	pages or GNU info pages would be used on a continuing basis, so
> 	I would hope that all new information would make it into that
> 	reference documentation, and hopefully a few pointers to new,
> 	alternative, or add-on things could be included too.

That's why Changelogs exists.

> Oh...whatever.

Nevermind! Debian, IMNSHO, has one of the best documentation of all 
Debian Distribution cause we make more than just put the docs from each 
package, we corrected them and add to them. 

But criticizing help us (the maintainers) to make a better distribution. 
Just don't forget to be polite and patient (We are only volunteers). 
If you can wait, put your hands on then! 

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