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Re: PnP modem under Debian

In article <9701091825.AA05020@mail.bucknell.edu>,
Jason Goldschmidt  <jgoldsch@bucknell.edu> wrote:
>Hi, does anyone have any experience getting a US Robotics Sportster
>28.8-33.6 PnP modem to work with linux? Or any PnP modem for that matter.
>I've done all the common setup stuff for the modem. I found that if I want
>to use the modem under NT, I have to disable PnP in my bios. But if I do
>this for linux it changes nothing. 

   The USR PnP modems have a unique feature in that they actually have
jumpers.  You should be able to turn a USR PnP modem into a conventional
one just by jumpering..  Good luck!

  - Peter

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