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HTML in messages to the list

//grouch mode (sort of) on

Lately, I've noticed a (small) number of messages on this list that are
using html formatting (see below).  This format looks pretty ugly with
mail readers that don't display html documents.  Helpful hint:  don't use
html formatting in your email messages. 

//grouch mode (sort of) off


Appended example of offending html email post follows my .signature

Nick Busigin     <Sent from my Debian/GNU Linux Machine>    nick@xwing.org

To obtain my pgp public key, email me with the subject: "get pgp-key"

><DT>&nbsp;Hi to all,</DT>
><DT>I want to buy a SCSI external zipdrive. I have an aha2940 SCSI
>controller. Is there any support for a zipdrive under debian?? How do 
>I have to compile the kernel for zipdrive support. What do I need (in 
>the kernel), if I want to use a parallel port zipdrive?? A stupid 
> question: How will I format the zipmedia under Linux?? Thanx for any 

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