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Re: Modprobe. Two of a kind ?

On Wed, 8 Jan 1997, Ioannis Tambouras wrote:

>  Is it possible to load two ne.o modules with different io=<address>
>  options ?
>  This computer is multihomed to two ethernets. I like to be able to
>  configure the interfaces like this:
>        eth0 with ne.o io=0x240 , interupt 15
>    and eth1 with ne.o io=0x280 , interupt 12
>  Already know how to do it with lilo when the code is an intergral
>  part of /vmlinuz, but does not work when everyting is modularized.
>  That is not covered in Becker's mini-HOWTO. I played with the
>  modprobe(8) options and aliases, but nothing looks promissing.

here's three solutions for you...

1. try something like:

    modprobe ne io=0x240,0x280 irq=15,12

2. put the following in /etc/modules:

    ne io=0x240,0x280 irq=15,12

3. edit /etc/conf.modules and put in essentially the same information:

    alias eth0 ne
    alias eth1 ne
    options ne io=0x240,0x280 irq=15,12

I've used methods 1 & 2 on different machines and they work. I've never
actually used method 3 but it should work just as well as the other 2


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