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Re: Colour inkjet printers

> > I am currently considering the purchase of a colour inkjet printer,
> > for text and graphics printing (including images from Photo-CD). I
> > would be interested in experiences people have had in using them with
> > Debian - the models I am currently interested in are the Epson Stylus
> > 500 and Stylus Pro and the HP 820CXi and 870CXi. I presume the main
> > issue is how well Ghostscript manages to drive the printers, and whether
> > all the driver options can be accessed without running under Windows.
> We have an HP DeskJet 850C and it works quite well.  Unfortunately, I
> have been unable to get it to work with color under Linux (comes with
> drivers for Windows and works fine there) because the only ghostscript
> device that drives it correctly is the (black&white) "laserjet" driver.
>                                           Brian
>                                  ( bcwhite@verisim.com )

I have an Epson Stylus (I think its a Pro) on my home machine. Works 
very well with ghostscript, magicfilter, etc. Color is excellent. Am 
on the road until the wknd so cannot respond with specific config
details until then.

Michael Laing

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