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Re: Good buy or not?

   After having read these discussions here, I feel obliged to put in a word
though I have no Packard Bell, nor likely that I ever will.

  What these discussions have become, is an argument where one complains about
Packard Bell machines being garbage, and the other saying that this is a great
machine, no problems.

  I don't think, that was what the man was asking about... He was asking
wether buying this machine, with the specified hardware was a good bargain or
not, at the low price they were asking for it.  With the knowledge that such a
price might be a one time chance only.  If we take the avarage of the two 
answers, the answer would be:

  This is a machine, one could buy at a BARGAIN price.  You cannot expect
any great deal of support, and may perhaps expect difficulties in upgrading
some non-common parts... or in trying to tweak the machine up to/or beyond
it's recomended top performance.

  The man gave up the monitor type, and asked if XFree could support it, the
answer is that it probably will support it as a generic VGA with 16  colors
and most likely as SVGA with 256 colors as well.  But, that any acceleration 
may be unlikely, as no one has been able to answer that question yet...

  The question wasn't wether the machine was sent down from heaven, nor if it
was a bat out of hell.  But is it a good buy...

...No PC is ever a dead end machine... you can always, change the motherboard,
change the keyboard... get another video card.  So the question is relative,
and so is the answer.  How much time are you willing to spend on the machine
before you decide its a bad buy?  And do you, or do you not, enjoy spending
extra hours figuring out things for your Personal Computer?

  I've got a "dead-end" 486,33MHz... shitty machine.  With "dead-end" EGA 
monitor, and "dead-end" 30pin SIMMs.  At this time, it performs more functions 
and better (although somewhat slower, and I wouldn't trade in X for Windows95 
:-), then my next door neighbor Pentium Pro, with  gigabytes of storage and 
Virtual SPACE  tube... which he bought for $3000, and I put mine together for 
$300... money and hours well spent.

Ørn Einar Hansen                         oe.hansen@halmstad.mail.telia.com
                                    fax; +46 035 217194

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