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Re: Gold v. Green Debian CDs

In your email to me, Chris R. Martin, you wrote:
> On Mon, 6 Jan 1997, Dale Scheetz wrote:
> I have two green CD-Rs which are completely unreadable by my cd-rom.
> > Does your drive do better with the gold than the green, or is it just
> > difficult with all CD-Rs?
> I've never used a gold CD-R so I don't know.
> > I have, what I consider to be a fairly expensive Philips CD-R and have had
> > no problems that traced back to the drive as the culprit. I have had my
> > fair share of corrupted files and the odd CD damaged in shipping, but
> > nothing drive specific.
> > What kind of CD-ROM drive do you have, and how is it interfaced?
> It's a Toshiba 8X IDE CD-ROM. It works perfectly with all my CDs except
> the two "green" CD-Rs I have. Those two CD-Rs worked perfectly with my old
> 4X IDE.

We've had the same problems, and when we switched to the 'blue' CDRs,
our problems went away for a lot of the drives.


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