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Re: Debian source tree and incremental diffs question..

On Tue, 7 Jan 1997, Richard Jones wrote:

> Hiya, i thought I saw someone mention that upgrades to existing
> packages were available via diffs to the source.  Thus allowing the download
> of just the diff rather than the entire .orig source ( assuming of
> course you have the source to the original package online).  Now I
> checked out the FAQ and a few other places and see no mention of this.
> If this feature is available can someone tell me where I can read about
> it, if it isn't is something like this (or perhaps even something
> similar to FreeBSD's CVS upgrade system) likely to become available?
First, let me make clear that we are not talking about upgrading binary
packages here. This is strictly a source packaging issue.

That said, you are referring to the new source package format, which has
many nice features, most notably the one you referred to.
First, not all packages have been converted to the new source format, so
you will see some packages in the old format. (I am going to assume that
everyone knows how the old format worked)

The new format consists of a source tree in package_xxx.orig.tar.gz that
unpacks into a source tree as nearly identical to that provided by the
upstream provider as is possible; a diff.gz file containing the
differences between this source and the debianized version of the tree;
and a "Debian Source Control" file .dsc that will tell the packaging tools
how to unpack the source file.

If you have installed the dpkg and dpkg-dev packages, more recent that
1.4.0 you will be able to unpack the source using these files with the
following command:

dpkg-source -x package_xxxx.dsc

in the directory containing the orig.tar.gz, diff, and dsc files. This
will generate a source tree you can build with:


Hope this helps,


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