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List of installation problems for 1.2

This is my weekly publication of the list of known problems with the 1.2
release of Debian. Please note that 1.2.1 is being released and should
clear up some of these problems. I would appreciate reports of old
problems fixed, as well as any new problems that are discovered with the
installation of this new set of packages.

Number 1 is still the most reported problem with new installations, so, if
your system can't find xlib6....

1. Already reported as a bug:  Can't find xlib6 so file.  
	Add /usr/X11R6/lib to /etc/ld.so.conf and run ldconfig.

2. Dselect fails to satisfy pre-depends for perl (libdl1)  
	Installing ldso by hand solves the problem.

3. Bug#5659: dpkg-gencontrol fails in chown new files listfile.
	Possible patch.  Only a problem for package builders.

4. New sendmail fails to use old .cf file  
	One report indicates re-installation fixes the problem.

5. Cron dies. (actually never starts)
	Run "update-rc.d cron defaults"

6. Gcc depends on cpp, but cpp conflicts with gcc.
	Retag gcc and re-run deselect.

7. Modconf messes up screen display on some lines.
	Possible dialog problem?

8. /bin/perl disapears and reappears during installation.
	Replace link by hand: ln -s /usr/bin/perl /bin/perl
        Or, install perl by hand: dpkg -i perl_xxx.deb.

9. Bug#5479 dpkg fails to preserve set id bits when copying files.
	No fix reported (possible patch)

10. gpm preinstall can't remove old gpm
	Remove by hand using dpkg --purge.

11. xbase can't remove xdm and xfs
	Remove by hand using dpkg --purge.

12. libg++ and libg++-dev conflict. 
	Re-running the installation fixes it.

13. dependent packages bomb because libc5 is not installed first
	Upgrade base first.

14. no /dev/sr0 from MAKEDEV
	New version fixes this.

15. Gimp fails because there is no .gimprc file
	Create an empty .gimprc

16. Base-files should Provide: base
    Was: Smartlist and possibly other programs as well, depend on base.
	Fixed in the next version.

17. Adduser depends on perl-suid, not in base.
	Install by hand using --force-depends
18. Mc fails to declare it's dependence on libgpm.
	Should declare dpendence on libgpm.
	Install the libgpm package.

Thanks for your help,


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