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Re: How do people on this list backup stuff?

> > Before I tell you what I do to make a perfect and bootable copy of your
> > current Linux setup, let me tell you how I have my hard drives configured.
> the problem with this is that if you backup errors or a program upgrade
> that you later decided that you didn't want you can't get to the previous
> backups because you just overwrote them with the new backup.

Absolutely, it is a problem.  That's why I keep a second proven but older
backup drive.  Doesn't solve all the problems, but it will provide an
excellent base from which to start repairs.

> also, it is better to put backups on removable media so that it is
> possible to move them offsite.  and that doesn't mean that you are stuck
> with tape drives either -- i use a Jaz drive.

Yeap.  I have a great fear of fire.  That's why I put the second drive in
a fire proof box.

Paul Serice

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