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X11R6 package in Debian 1.2 bugs (?)

I installed X windows package from Debian 1.2 (ftp'd from 
uiarchive.cso.uiuc.edu, one of the mirror sites), here are some strange 
things I noticed, I wonder if anyone else has it:

(1). rxvt doesn't work properly: backspace doesn't work, it types ~ 
instead.  I can't set it by "stty erase" either.  (xterm works fine).

(2). tcsh doesn't work properly: I can't ftp into my computer from 
another computer if my shell is tcsh (as specified in /etc/passwd).  It 
gives me "user access denied".
However, if I say csh in /etc/passwd, ftp works fine, even though the 
shell is still tcsh (I didn't install csh, so csh defaults to tcsh, I 
guess).  Very strange.

(3). I use "startx" to start X windows, there is the message "PEX fonts 
not loaded", and "XIE fonts not loaded".  I did install "xfntspex" 
package.  And what is "XIE"?  I use fvwm manager. 

PS.  I'm still trying to figure out how to make automounter to work, I
installed it, but no luck.  Any help?

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