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Re: No ftp? Have I missed something?

At 05:08 PM 1/3/97 +0100, Orn E. Hansen wrote:
>  If you got no ftp, that means you don't have the netstd package... which is
>in section net.  You need netstd, and netbase... if memory serves.  If you
>do have the binaries, and the setup isn't working... try reading the HOWTO
>for networking NET2-HOWTO.  The basics are, that after you have the basic
        Yeah, yeah, I know how to configure the network on many an OS, what
I am having a problem with is figuring out why I don't have the ftp program
when it supposedly comes in the base diskette series.  So, if I need this
netstd package, then how do I get it?  Can I ftp it from another machine and
stick it on a floppy?  Do I have to rawrite it or can I just ftp the .deb
file directly to the floppy?  
        See where I am confused?  The documentation says nothing about how
to do all that, I should be able to connect via ftp in deselect right after
I install the base disks and kernel, but it's just not there :(
        Did you have to get the netstd package, or were you able to connect
to the ftp site during the install?  Which version did you install?  Sorry
for all the questions, but I am trying to figure out what I need to do :)
Thanks for the reply!



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