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Re: sendmail && procmail troubles!


On Fri, 3 Jan 1997, Mario Olimpio de Menezes wrote:

>         Well, my problem persist. Even after downgrading to rex, using
>                 netbase_2.06-1.deb,
>                 netstd_2.08-1.deb,
>                 popclient_3.05-3.deb,
>                 procmail_3.10-4.deb and
>                 sendmail_8.7.6-2.deb,
> 	I can't get procmail filtering my mails anymore.
> 	Any hints?

Currently, mail filtering works for me. I'm using:

* procmail (any version works).
* fetchmail (latest version from bo, 2.6-1).
* I don't need sendmail (in fact, I don't have it currently installed).

I do *exactly* the following:

This is my script "pop.sandra", used to fetch mail from my ISP's mail
server (called "sandra.ctv.es"). I run this script from a normal user
called "sanvila" on my machine (which is the "normal" user uid 1000 :-).

fetchmail -a sandra.ctv.es -m "$HOME/bin/procesa.pop"

Normally fetchmail delivers directly to port 25, but I still prefer to
deliver to this "procesa.pop" script, using fetchmail's -m option. This
script is like this:

formail -Y -s procmail

(I usually removed "Received: " fields here, but now I do that from within
the .procmail file itself).

and my .fetchmailrc is like this:

*------------------------cut and modify to suit your needs----------
server sandra.ctv.es          protocol pop3 password my.password

I think that's all.

Well, this was only the first part. The second part, of course, is to
write a suitable ~/.procmailrc file. For debian lists filtering I like to
use the Resent-Sender fields, like this:

* ^Resent-Sender.*debian-user-request@

(This is to be added to your current .procmailrc).

You can check wether your .procmail works or not by doing:

cat mbox-type-file-with-several-messages | formail -s procmail.

This will "recycle" the "mbox" file, as it would have been just

Hope this helps.

[ If you don't succeed, contact me privately. ]


Version: 2.6.3i
Charset: latin1


Santiago Vila <sanvila@ctv.es>

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