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Re: get-news.inn script in suck-3.3.2-1 package...

I hate to follow up to myself but here we go anyway:

On Sat, 4 Jan 1997, Paul Seelig wrote:
> I just installed suck-3.3.2-1 at my Debian-1.2 system and noticed that
> when i upload the messages from my own newsserver to our universities
> newshost using the supplied get-news.inn script i get the following error
> message (look for "<--relevant part" on the right hand side):
>                    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
[examples removed]

> But as it seems obviously nobody so far had any trouble with the script
> like i had because i never read any complaints about this very fact on
> usenet and i wonder why? Is there possibly something else wrong with my
> news setup? Which would make me wonder because i strictly kept to the
> Debian stuff and didn't tinker with the provided scripts. 
Robert Yetman, the maintainer of the original suck distribution, gave me
the hint to check '/etc/news/newsfeeds' for the flags 'Wf'. It turned out
that the flag 'f' which adds the article files to be uploaded with their
full pathname to '/var/spool/news/.outgoing/the.remote.site'. Replacing it
with 'n' resulted in adding the pathname relative to the news spool
directory and the script 'get-news.inn' now works as devised. :-)

Looks like the INN package maintainer and the suck package maintainer
should have a talk with each other, isn't it?
                                                Cheers, P. *8^)
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